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For over 20 years, RFS Cabinets has served Atlanta area residents with the design and building of fine furniture, cabinets and custom woodwork. Some companies may offer a lower price, but because of their low pricing structure, simply cannot fund the resources, assets, nor pay the craftsmen to service the customer’s needs.For example:

  • You receive a low price estimate.
  • It appears that you’re getting great cabinets for a low price.
  • The contractor makes promises of what they will do for that low price.
  • However, because they are operating on such a tight profit margin, they have little money to invest in the personnel, equipment and materials required to execute their promises and that’s where the problems begin.
  • Therefore, if a mistake is made, or when there is a need for follow-up work, or a warranty request, you will discover that quite often the contractor with the low price, will not, or in some cases, cannot fulfill their promises. They simply do not have the funds to perform. You may have gotten the low price, but you also acquired the headaches to go with it.

With RFS Cabinets, we will offer you a price that is fair, honest & consistent.

That’s our promise to you and why you should choose us!

Thank you for considering RFS Cabinets for your next project. We would love to serve your fine furniture, cabinets and custom woodworking needs. For a FREE estimate please contact us at (770) 921-2569, or by e-mail at customcabinets0089@gmail.com

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Choosing your contractor is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. That's why RFS Cabinets is chosen when integrity & quality matters!

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RFS Cabinets offers a full range of fine custom woodwork including living furniture, entertainment centers, office furniture, workstations, kitchen cabinets and islands, bookcases and other specialty items.

We provide complete design-to-finish capability. All skills, tools and equipment are maintained on-site with no subcontracting or outsourcing except under very special circumstances. All materials used by RFS are of the highest quality and are approved by the customer before the actual work begins.

Thank you for considering RFS Cabinets for your project. We would love to serve your kitchen cabinet and custom woodworking needs. For a FREE estimate please contact us at (770) 921-2569, or by e-mail at customcabinets0089@gmail.com.